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Perspex and Polycarbonate

We can also cater for non-glass products such as perspex and polycarbonate.


Ideal for boat windows and as protective coverings.


Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Light Weight
An outstanding balance of low weight and high stiffness.

Ease of Installation
It can be easily cut on site using conventional tools and wastage is minimal.

Excellent Energy Efficiency
The multiwall construction traps air between the layers, which ensures outstanding thermal insulation performance.

Environment Standards
In many cases these high performance polycarbonate sheet products may be recycled.

Exceptional Fire Performance
Polygal Twinwall polycarbonate sheets are classed as self-extinguishing. Polygal Twinwall sheets have an exceptional fire performance and importantly do not give off toxic gases.

Flexibility of Design
Twinwall sheets can be cold bent and used in many curved applications e.g. arched walkways.

Two Sided UV Protection
The surface treatment provides almost total resistance to degradation from UV radiation in sunlight.


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